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Tuesday 8 March, 10.30am - Antique Arms and Militaria - Lots 1 to 250

Wednesday 9 March, 10.30am - Medals, Badges and general militaria - Lots 251 to 494

Highlights include

Lot 84

A good 22 bore Scottish all steel flintlock belt pistol, by John Murdoch of Doune, c 1760, the lock signed "IO:MURDOCH DOUN, the fullstock and rams horn butt engraved overall with panels of scrolls and entwined strapwork inset with silver lines and bands. GWO & clean condition. A very nice pistol. Also with a small cowhorn flask, 6½" overall, with simple brass nozzle and spuriously engraved "ROBERT FRASER" and "1723 INVERIE". GC £4000-5000


Lot 106

An O Tanto , with blade showing bonji and ken grooves, thin suguha hamon and tang with Kinisan signature attributed to Masamune, blade probably 16th century, mounting of ribbed red lacquer in “ebi” with stippled brass mounts. Shibuichi beini mon menuki and matching shibuichi kodzuka/kogai with gold inlay kogatana, iron tsuba 19th cent. £3000-4000


Lot 116

A desireable Japanese shin shinto katana with suguha hamon 68cms, details obscured, with blade signed Gassan sada yoshi, black lacquer saya decorated with gold leaf motifs, Sentoku fuchi kashira and shell menuki. Rubbed tsuba and binding damaged. Replacement kurikata. £4000-6000.

Lot 217

A pair of rare 48 bore superimposed load tap action flintlock boxlock pocket pistols, by Nicholson, Corn Hill, London, c 1790, in their green baize lined fitted rosewood case with folding brass carrying handle, containing a small copper powder flask by Sykes and a replacement steel combination muzzle/barrel key. GC £1500-2000

Lot 202

A good double barrelled side by side 12 bore/8x57mm top lever hammerless boxlock non ejector sporting gun/rifle, by J.P. Sauer & Sohn, Suhl, number 261749, with an interchangeable pair of 28¼" 12 bore x 70mm barrels, number 261750, a similar pair of 24½" 9.3x74mm rifle barrels, number 261751, It is believed that the gun was made circa 1924Note: the purchaser must hold a valid Firearms Certificate and Shotgun Licence. £3000-3500

Lot 226

A good pair of officer’s .65” percussion holster pistols, by T.E. Mortimer of Edinburgh, c 1855, in their blue baize lined fitted brass bound mahogany case with flush folding brass handle in the lid, with maker’s trade label, and containing plain copper flask by Sykes, 18 bore pincer ball mould, nipple key with pricker and chequered walnut handle, cleaning rod, turned ebony box with wads, pewter oil bottle, and wad punch. £2000-3000


On Wednesday 9th March we have our Decorations and Medals section. The stand out items here include

Lot 283

A Naval General Service medal with clasp Algiers (impressed to Isaac Duck who served aboard HMS Queen Charlotte as a Gunner with the Royal Marine Artillery, the recipient had also seen service at the Battle of Anholt on 27th March 1811 where returns show he was slightly wounded). £1000-1200.

Duck’s family medals also feature in lot 284 a pair of Baltic and China 1857 medals  which, although un-named, are believed to be awarded to William Duck also of the Royal Marine Artillery. £375-425.

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