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1) ENTRIES FOR SALE. Entries can be accepted at any time and will be entered into the next suitable auction where possible.

(2) PRINTED CATALOGUE ILLUSTRATIONS. For auctions with a printed catalogue a selection of images is made  at the time of cataloguing. Vendors will be advised if their items have been selected and should any vendor object to an illustration please state so when submitting lots for auction or at the earliest opportunity. We do not charge for having a lot professionally photographed, although a charge is made for inserting it in the catalogue. Minimum charge £6.00, maximum £100.00 (whole page coverage).

(3) RESERVES. Reserves are not accepted for lots with a lower estimate below £100. Reserves should be given when entering items for auction or at the earliest opportunity before the catalogue is published. We will be pleased to offer advice if reserves are required.

(4) UNSOLD LOTS. When items remain unsold for a client, they are re-offered in a following auction. Please note that RESERVE PRICES ARE NOT CARRIED FORWARD. If reserves are desired, notification must be sent in writing. Should any client not wish to have lots re-offered, immediate notification must be made in writing upon receipt of the 'Owners Prices Realised List' sent out after the sale. Reoffered lots remaining unsold will incur storage charges at £2.00 per £100 on the reserve value per month (minimum charge £10.00 per lot) plus VAT.

(5) INSURANCE. A charge is made to cover clients’ goods in our custody, the premium being 50p per £100 (minimum charge 50p), estimated on the price realised, or if unsold, the reserve price plus VAT.

(6) PACKING AND SHIPPING. All purchased lots are stored and shipped by Wallis & Wallis, 9 West Street, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 2NJ unless other instructions are received directly from the purchaser.

(7) STORAGE. Charges for storage are £5.00 plus VAT per lot per week or part thereof, which commences three weeks after the sale (UK), four weeks (overseas). Insurance whilst in storage: 50p per £100 per month or part thereof.

(8) PAYMENT may be made by bank transfer or debit card. Please note that we no longer accept credit cards or cheques.

(9) THIRD REICH GERMAN ITEMS. Owing to the large  number of Third Reich items being used for films, television and plays, it becomes increasingly difficult to ascertain the autheticity of certain pieces. We catalogue all Third Reich items as seen, and offer no guarantee as to their authenticity. Therefore all Third Reich items purchased are sold and not returnable. The terms ‘bronze’, ‘silver’ and ‘gold’ refer to the grades in which medals, badges, etc., were awarded and not to their composition.

(10) VALUE ADDED TAX. All items subject to VAT are sold on a tax inclusive basis in this sale. Vendors registered for VAT must include the tax when considering reserve price Vatable items. Our VAT number is 192-3556-49.

(11) BUYER’S PREMIUM. 22% + VAT at the current rate.

(12) LICENSED FIREARMS. Lots requiring a Firearms Licence or Shotgun Licence will marked as such in the catalogue.

(13) UNPROVED FIREARMS. We cannot offer unproved modern firearms in our sale. We will be pleased to lodge for proof suitable weapons submitted to us. A charge is made for this service.

(14) ‘‘UNPROVABILITY CERTIFICATES.’’ For certain obsolete firearms for which cartridges are no longer available we can obtain from the Proof House, a ‘Certificate of Unprovability'. These can still be offered as 'Collectors items only', but must be sold to buyers possessing a firearms certificate.

(15) EARLY BREECH LOADING WEAPONS, PINFIRE, NEEDLEFIRE AND RIMFIRE. Due to a change in policy by the Home Office, Wallis and Wallis can now offer certain types of breech-loading antique firearms as collectors pieces without registration as Part I firearms. This applies to pinfire and needlefire weapons also rimfire with cartridges exceeding .23in. calibre (or its metric equvalent). Such weapons taking 9mm ammunition are excluded and continue to be classed as Part I Firearms. However, it must be realised that if the above mentioned weapons were required for firing purposes, they would need to be registered with the Police as with other Part I weapons.

(16) AMMUNITION. We have found that it is not practicable to sell modern ammunition, however, we do accept ammunition, for sale over 100 years old. The buyer must collect and be in possession of a collector’s certificate.

(17) JAPANESE SWORDS. A nominal charge of £5.00 (plus VAT) is made to translate the inscription on Japanese weapons. Translations of signatures do not imply warranty of autograph, authorship or authenticity.

(18) ACCEPTANCE OF BIDS. Bids cannot be accepted from persons under the age of 18, for any lots in our auctions.

(19) COMMISSION BIDS. We cannot guarantee bids sent by email or post. All bids must include full address, telephone number and email address.

(20) CHARITIES. No commission is charged for lots entered on behalf of charities. Cheques for proceeds must be made payable to organisations stated.

(21) EXPORT OF FIREARMS. Please Note: all guns, regardless of age and type, purchased for export will be handed to specialist external shipper for onward transmission. The external shipper will advise of cost etc.

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